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Who is Unspeakable?

Nathan Johnson Graham, well known as Unspeakable. He is a professional American Youtuber and gamer. His YouTube channel UnspeakableGaming is particularly famous, however, as Nathan (UnspeakableGaming) is an extremely popular YouTuber.

Unspeakable Net Worth is $30 Million. There are a lot of Minecraft videos on the channel, along with other content such as custom maps, games, roleplays, and other challenges.

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Unspeakable Bio/Wiki

Full NameNathan Johnson Graham
Famous ForUnspeakable
Gender Male
Birth DateDecember 5, 1997
Age 24 years old
Born StateHouston, Texas
Net Worth$30 Million
Height182 cm (6 feet)
Astrological signSagittarius
ProfessionYoutuber, Gamer, Brand Owner

Unspeakable Early Life And Childhood

Nathan Graham Johnson, better known as Unspeakable, is a gaming YouTuber born on December 5, 1997. He originally hails from Houston, Texas where he spent his childhood.

Joining the Boy Scouts at six years old, Nathan always had a passion for video games which led him to request new games every birthday and Christmas. In his teenage years, he started recording videos with friends before eventually launching his own successful YouTube channel called “Unspeakable Gaming.”

Unspeakable Age

His age is about 24 years.

Unspeakable Height And Weight

Unspeakable height is 6 feet tall and weight is 62kg.

Nick Name

Unspeakable Gaming

Nathan Education

In high school, Nathan attended Houston High School, but his records show he did not attend college afterward, and he has been focusing on his career ever since.

Unspeakable Girlfriend And Personal Life

Nathan is not married but he used to be in a relationship with Kayla Conley, who is a YouTube. According to records, the two of them were together since high school but stopped dating in 2019.

Unspeakable House

Unspeakable presently lives in Dallas, Texas where he bought a house for $1.2 million that is 3,000 square feet with four bedrooms. The three-story home has a living room that opens up to a terrace, a well-functioning kitchen, as well as an office, dining room, and wine cellar. He has bought and sold many houses throughout the years.

Unspeakable Career

The record showed that Nathan was introduced to YouTube when he was 15 when he created a channel called “Mr. Gaming.” However, he later released it. Nathan then went on to create another channel called “UnspeakableGaming,” which is where he got his nickname.

After launching the new channel, Nathan uploaded his first video, which was the start of his series, Minecraft Survival Island.Today, Nathan Unspeakable has grown significantly on YouTube with millions of subscribers and views on his channel.

Aside from being a YouTuber, Nathan has a company with its own line of merchandise, which is gaining attention.

Work With Other Youtubers:

As Nathan hilarious, witty, and awesome videos gained a large following. He gradually gained more viewers and followers. Eventually, his fans waited for every new video posted on his channel, and the channel grew in popularity.

The UnspeakableGaming YouTube channel was Nathan first big success step. A second channel called Unspeakable, where he can be seen pulling pranks on his friends, taking on crazy challenges, driving crazy cars, and more.

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Unspeakable Songs

We mention below a list of Unspeakable songs:

Ace Of Base 2002

Every Little Thing 2003

We Plants Are Happy Plants 2014

Kiwi Jr. 2022

Natalia 2004

Niki Paton 2009

Danzing 1999

Douglas Miller 2004

Unspeakable Joy

Chris Tomlin 2009

Unspeakable Movie

His movie’s name is ‘The Wrights’. This film was written and directed by Pavan Grover, he is a physician who appears in it as well. This movie was released in 2003 after being produced in 2002.

Unspeakable Toys

The primary channel of his YouTube channel is Unspeakable but he has other channels such as UnspeakablePlays, UnspeakableToys, and Unspeakable Plays.

Unspeakable Book

It is designed by the late Floyd Cooper, Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre won the Coretta Scott King Award, a Caldecott Honor, and a Sibert Honor. It was a longlist title for:

  • National Book Awards
  • A Coretta Scott King Award winner
  • A Caldecott Honor
  • A Sibert Honor

Unspeakable Youtube

His YouTube channel Unspeakable is the main source of his income. Each of his channels is extremely famous, mostly in the United States and he has a total of 10. About 11 Million subscribers follow his main YouTube channel, UnspeakableGaming.

His famous channels are below:

1. UnspeakableGaming

2. Unspeakable

3. Unspeakableplays


5. Unspeakable 2.0

6. Chasecraft

7. Unspeakable Toys

Unspeakable Merch

You can visit click here

Unspeakable Net Worth

The main source of Nathan source of income is his YouTube channel, but he has other sources like social media accounts. He earns almost $30 million from his ten successful YouTube channels alone.

As a result of the support and orders, he receives from fans and supporters. He also earns income from his own merchandise.

Unspeakable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: Who is Unspeakable?

Ans: Nathan Johnson Graham, known by his online alias UnspeakableGaming or simply Unspeakable, is an American YouTuber who rose to fame through his Minecraft gameplay videos and unique challenges.

Q: How tall is Unspeakable?

Ans: He is 6 feet tall.

Q: How much is Unspeakable net worth?

Ans: Unspeakable net worth is about $30 million.

Q: How do you contact the Unspeakable?

Ans: To send him well wishes, express your appreciation for his content, or just say hi, email [emailprotected].

Q: What true story is the book unspeakable things based on?

Ans: In mid-late 1980s Minnesota, there was a spate of assaults on boys which led to Jacob Wetterling’s abduction. It’s fiction, but its inspiration is based on those assaults.

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Unspeakable Net Worth, Merch, YouTube, Toys, Game, Girlfriend, House, Movie, Songs, Age, Book (2024)


Why did Kayla and Unspeakable break up? ›

our break up was a mutual decision. we both agreed that things were just not working for us. we tried for a really long time and things just weren't working. so we decided to split.

Who died in unspeakable? ›

List of deaths in Unspeakable
NameCause of DeathOn-Screen
Barry A. CarterKnife in mouthYes
HellThroat slit with straight razorYes
MarcoKnocked into wallYes
James PhellepsShot in the stomach with a handgun/blood lossYes
8 more rows

Are Unspeakable and Kayla break up? ›

It's not just me. It's, like, both of us. I'm a very public person, so, like, I'm just. Yes, we broke up.


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