[Top 10] Divinity Original Sin 2 Best Armor And How To Get Them (2024)

The best playthroughs of Divinity requires you to have strong armor! In order to have the strength and capability to end your foes, you need to be armored up from head to toe! In this article, I will provide you with some of the best Armor Pieces in Divinity Original Sin II and where to find them! This list will get you through battles and is ordered from least recommended to most recommended!

10. Knight of Duna’s Helm - Helmet

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With this Dwarven Helmet, you’ll still have space for a beard!

Within the Nameless Isle, you will find a helmet worthy for your head! During Act 3, it is easy to pass this item up, but if you read below, you will be able to find its whereabouts!

Why Knight of Duna’s Helm is great:

  • Duna’s Helm is one of the few good armor pieces found in The Nameless Isle.
  • It is an exceptional helmet with great attributes!
  • If you have a Warrior/Tank Build, then this Helmet is a great choice!

Knight of Duna’s Helm details:

  • This Helmet will give you 146 Physical Armor and 20 Magic Armor.
  • It comes with +3 Strength and +3 Constitution!
  • Duna’s Helm provides you with +20% Earth Resistance!
  • If you need an extra point in Warfare, it gives you +1 in Warfare!

How to get Knight of Duna’s Helm:

  • Head to the Dwarfen Temple on the Nameless Isle
  • There you will find the Cursed Knight of Duna
  • Do not, I repeat, do not persuade him!
  • You must kill Duna to get his awesome helmet!
  • Once you kill him, his helmet will be within his corpse, surprised?

9. Emrach - Chest Armor

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This shiny Chest Piece can be mistaken as a mirror upon wearing it.

Within the Bloodmoon Island during Act 2, you will find this powerful Chest Armor! During many of your quest, you will find yourself on Bloodmoon Island, so do not miss this opportunity to get this strong piece of armor!

Why Emrach is great:

  • It is excellent for a two-handed fighter as it gives a point in Two-Handed!
  • If you’re constructing a tank build, this is an excellent choice for Chest Armor
  • No need to be worried about your Physical Armor anymore! This Chest armor provides plenty!
  • Prepare to hear all of the stats below!!

Emrach details:

  • This Chest piece provides a whopping 307 Physical Armor along with 43 Magic Armor
  • Emrach comes with +2 Strength, +3 Constitution, +1 Retribution, and +1 Two-Handed!
  • It gives you +10% Water Resistance and +10% Earth Resistance!
  • This Chest Armor will also give 0.25% in Movement!

How to get Emrach:

  • Head to the Southern Bloodmoon Island Encampment
  • There you will find Basatan the Wishmaster who you can buy Emrach off of
  • Another option is killing Basatan, and he’ll have the Chest Piece

8. Shadow Prince's Signet - Ring

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The Shadow Prince will not give away his Precious without a fight!

Another great Armor Piece that you can find on the Nameless Isle is The Shadow Prince’s Signet! It is also easy to pass up, so make sure to read below to get the location!

Why Shadow Prince's Signet is great:

  • This ring not only looks pretty but has some fantastic stats!
  • It is a mighty ring, especially for a Ranger!
  • It comes with the skill of Chameleon Cloak!

Shadow Prince's Signet details:

  • The Signet comes with 114 Magic Armor!
  • The Prince’s Ring will give you +3 Fitness, +3 Wits, and +1 Thievery
  • This Ring comes with the skill Chameleon Cloak, so becoming invisible will be a treat in the midst of battle!

How to get Shadow Prince's Signet:

  • While traversing the Nameless Isle, make sure to head over to an encampment in the Souther parts where lava flows!
  • Fight and kill the Shadow Prince, and he will drop his Precious Ring!

7. Knight of Vrogir Boots - Boots

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These boots are heavy enough to bring a knight to drown! So don’t walk in the water with these on!

Packed with Physical Armor and many stats, these boots are a great pair to wear on your feet! Do not pass up these kicks and read below to find where they are!

Why Knight of Vrogir Boots is great:

  • These boots come with the skill Enrage! So your party members will get guaranteed crits!
  • If you have a warrior build, these boots can be great for you!

Knight of Vrogir Boots details:

  • These Boots give 208 Physical Armor and 27 Magical Armor!
  • You will get +3 Strength, +1 Two-Handed!
  • Vrogir’s Boots will give +0.25 Movement!
  • This Armor Piece provides Enrage!

How to get Knight of Vrogir Boots:

  • Head to the second room in Vrogir’s Temple and find the dead ogre
  • On the dead ogre’s body, you will be able to loot the boots

6. Nazad Hunola - Chest Armor

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You will not have to worry about taking much damage with this chest piece!

This Chest Piece will provide you with a lot of Physical Armor. Passing it up will be crazy! Read below to find its whereabouts!

Why Nazad Hunola is great:

  • This is an immensely strong and powerful piece of armor!
  • It has a considerable amount of Magical and Physical Armor alike.
  • The amount of stats on Nazad Hunola will make you happy you picked this piece up!
  • If you are a Ranger/Wayfarer, this is an excellent choice for you!

Nazad Hunola details:

  • This strong Chest Piece comes with 736 Physical Armor and469 Magical Armor!
  • Nazad Hunola will give you +5 Finesse, +3 Intelligence, +1 Huntsman, and +2 Scoundrel!
  • It will grant you with +10% Fire Resistances and +10% Water Resistance!
  • Nazad Hunola gives you +0.1 in Movement with an additional +282 HP!
  • This armor also Reflects 20% of melee damage as Water damage!

How to get Nazad Hunola:

  • After arriving in Arx, go to Sanguinia Tell’s House, which is East of the city!
  • Head to her basem*nt where you’ll come across a chest with Nazad Hunola inside!

5. Dora Rav - Chest Armor

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A shiny and strong piece of armor is all you need!

This endgame material is just what you need to destroy the strongest of bosses. Do not, I repeat, do not pass this one up because it will help in the next battles to come!

Why Dora Rav is great:

  • It is packed with Physical Armor!
  • It has many stats that will help with boss battles!
  • It is a unique item that is hard to pass up, so read below to know where to find it!

Dora Rav details:

  • This is great armor because it gives you 1305 Physical Armor and 184 Magic Armor!
  • It gives +5 Strngth, +2 Finesse, +2 Constitution, +2 Wardare and +1 Polymorph!
  • It also grants you +0.2 Movement with an additional +282 HP!

How to get Dora Rav:

  • Within Lucian’s Temple, there is a Death Room.
  • Go inside this room, and the skeleton will have the Dora Rav on it!

4. Rutoma Rivelleis - Amulet

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You cannot go wrong with this powerful amulet!

With this unique item, you will be able to hold even more stats within your armor, as well as having a lot of Magic Armor! Do not pass this amulet up as it is one of the best in the game! Read below to see where to find it!

Why Rutoma Rivelleis is great:

  • It is not hard to find!
  • It is packed with stats!
  • It provides you with a lot of Magic Armor!
  • It also grants the skill Equalise!

Rutoma Rivelleis details:

  • Rutoma Rivelleis comes with +5 Strength, +1 Retribution, and +2 Polymorph
  • It also grants 20% Eart Resistance
  • This amulet comes with the skill Equalise!

How to get Rutoma Rivelleis:

  • In Arx, head to the Kemm Mansion!
  • Within the mansion, you will find Cat The Appraiser!
  • You will be able to buy this amulet off of her!

3. Kallisteis - Boots

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Strong but quiet, these boots will grant you the power to sneak around!

Ever need the best boots for your Ranger build? Well, these boots are probably the best choice for that! They are packed with stats that will help you in that area, so make sure to read below to figure out where they are!

Why Kallisteis - Boots are great:

  • These boots are one great find for a Ranger build!
  • They have many stats!
  • You cannot go wrong with these boots when it comes to thievery and sneaking!
  • They are easy to get!

Kallisteis - Boots details:

  • These boots come with +3 Finesse +2 Wits, +1 Scoundrel, +1 Thievery, and +1 Sneaking!
  • They grant you with +6 Initiative and +0.5 Movement!
  • Kallisteis also makes you immune to Knockdown, Crippled, and Slowed!

How to get Kallisteis - Boots:

  • Head near the Cathedral in Arx.
  • One of the traders, known as Aravae, will be selling these boots for you!

2. Vo Charlen - Helmet

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Unity is Strength! This helmet will provide the best protection for your noggin!

Arguably, one of the best helmets in the game, Vo Charlen, will keep your noggin protected and get you through many battles! So read below to figure out its whereabouts !

Why Vo Charlen is great:

  • This helmet is stated as one of the best helmets in the game!
  • It is not hard to get!
  • It is stacked on stats and gives immunity to certain effects!

Vo Charlen details:

  • Coming with 111 Magic Armor and 200 Physical Armor, this helmet is one of a kind!
  • It gives +5 Finesse, +2 Constitution, +3 Wits, +1 Huntsman, and +1 Sneaking!
  • In addition, it gives +358 HP, +20% Water Resistance, and grants Immunity to Charmed and Terrified!

How to get Vo Charlen:

  • Go to Dorian Gall’s house, also called The Groom’s House!
  • Within the house is a room full of Poison Clouds, but it will be within a chest!

1. Ruvola - Chest Armor

[Top 10] Divinity Original Sin 2 Best Armor And How To Get Them (10)

This is where the magic begins!!

A lot of people miss Ruvola’s Chest Armor. So if you’re having a hard time searching for this fantastic Chest Piece or you just do not want to backtrack for it, read below to find the exact spot!

Why Ruvola is great:

  • It is an excellent boost in Magic Armor for a mage!
  • The armor comes with so many useful stats and resistances!
  • You will not want to pass up this awesome chest armor!

Ruvola details:

  • This Armor grants +10% Fire Resistance, 10% Water Resistance, 10% Earth Resistance, and 10% Air Resistance! So basically, you will be able to stand up to the Avatar.
  • It comes with +5 Intelligence, +2 Consitution, +2 Wits, and +2 Summoning!
  • In addition, you will get +448 HP and Reflect 20% melee damage as Earth damage!

How to get Ruvola:

  • You will need some points in Persuasion!
  • Within Arx in Kemm’s Vault, speak to the Thieves’ Guild leader before you get inside.
  • The guild is hidden within the Arx’s sewers which you can reach by climbing down a vine,
  • Once you’ve persuaded the Guild Leader, make sure to either steal the Unusual Painting or buy it!
  • Place this painting in between the other two paintings in the Mansion to unlock the secret door.
  • In the next room, you will find The Ruvola!

Most armor lasts about 2 to 3 levels, so make sure to change your set regularly! If you want a chance at strong armor, a good tip is to check back with Vendors every hour! However, these pieces are very great, unique, and will get you through many fights! So, do not pass these up, as you will find that good armor will take you to great places and ease your playthrough of Divinity Original Sin II!

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[Top 10] Divinity Original Sin 2 Best Armor And How To Get Them (2024)


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