Recap Of The Conversation: Natalie Nunn & Redd Part. 1 (2024)

So, if you have been watching the Zeus Network shows faithfully, as I have, then you have been catching episodes of “The Conversation” and it features highly profiled people and their conflict with each other. The gist of the show is two people that are in conflict sit down with each other to converse without the aid and comfort of a person to mediate or interview them. They just sit down and talk. So last night, the people featured were the ex-cast members from one of my favorite cancelled shows, “Bad Girls Club” which originally aired on the Oxygen Network.

Sometimes a conversation will help bring clarity to situations when people are in conflict, but things can also go another way. Sometimes things can end up being even worst after the sit down and that appears to be the outcome of Part One of the conversation between the ex “Bad Girls”, Natalie Nunn and Alyssa “Redd” Carswell.

The show takes place at a big mansion, which we have all by now come to know is a stable of a Zeus production. No matter what their productions always take place in the fanciest of houses because where else would you want to cut a fool than in the exclusive hills somewhere?

Natalie and Redd arrive. We get clips of just how fabulous the house is, including a Grand piano…really Zeus? The way these ladies are set to behave, they might have well just got a Hollywood apartment and called it a day, but we can appreciate the fabulousness of the set.

They Haven’t Even Sat Down Yet, but Their Team Is Getting an Earful

Redd is getting her makeup done and sitting with two other ladies telling them what she expects from the night and the impending sit down. Let me just say, Redd is a clown. I always found her funny and pretty dog gone entertaining. She wasn’t one of my favorite Bad Girls, but I can at least give her that. She was always funny. Tonight, is no different, while she is talking to her team, she is hilarious.

Redd says that she just ready to have the conversation, she is ready to get the night over with.


Tell me why they cut back to Natalie, and she has on scrubs? I mean, what’s up with the scrubs Natalie? Do yawl remember she arrived at the Baddies reunion, wasn’t it in scrubs too?


I mean Natalie for real, what’s up with the scrubs? Are you like a LVN on the side or something?

But she is with her people getting ready for the upcoming sit down. She is key keying with some dude, high fiving him and everything. Now we get to see the appearance of Jelaminah “Jela” Lanier who was a cast member of season 14 of Bad Girls Club.

Jela is saying that Redd is apparently on set, but lying on social media and acting like she is not there to tape the show…..I think. There is a lot of yelling, over talking and high fiving…I’m confused. When did Jela and Redd have a problem. And wait…..when did Jela and Natalie become such good friends? And excuse me yawl, but who is this guy chopping it up with them. I’m lost. I guess because I don’t follow Natalie or Redd on social media, I am out of the loop. I don’t know any of these people that Natalie or Redd for that matter, are on this show with, except Jela of course.

Did you guys like Jela on her season of BGC? I think fourteen was one of the worst seasons, but I did like Jela.

Anyway, Natalie is saying Redd is the one who asked to be on the show and have a conversation with her. Natalie claims Redd is broke sleeping on an air mattress and needs the cash……


Yawl already know how Natalie is. I’m just really confused by Jela….what the hell does she have against Redd?


Redd is giving Natalie props and is saying that Natalie is a great business woman. I would agree. I always say if there was anyone who did one of the best jobs extending her brand beyond just Bad Girls Club fame it was definitely Natalie Nunn. She took her fifteen minutes of fame and turned it into a whole hour! You can fault her for a lot of things but you cannot knock her hustle.

She said that Natalie was pushing the network to get them more money when they were on BGC together and she respects her for that. She says that Natalie is great when it comes to business, but that Natalie is not a good friend. This is a sentiment we have heard time and time again from so many of Natalie’s former cast mates.

So apparently their beef goes all the way back to 2014?!

Im’ma need these ladies to step into this decade. This is too damm much energy for something that happened that long ago, with a person you do not have to deal with. Okay, MAYBE, I would give this type of energy to a family member I had beef with. Not the energy to fight, but the energy to work things out. But for a chick I don’t have to deal with if I chose not to? I would pay that person dust. But let’s just see if this sit down makes for good television. So far, Redd is making me grin with all of her shenanigans. This dam lady is a dam fool, and it’s hilarious.

Redd says Natalie has been speaking on her name since Season One of Baddies ATL. Did you guys happen to catch the season? Well FYI, I did recap the entire season so feel free to catch all of those here:

Baddies ATL – When This Woman Speaks

But let’s get back to this recap…

Redd says she has text messages from Natalie dating years ago. Redd says Natalie needs her not the other way around. She says Natalie needs her to be relevant, and I would have to strongly disagree.


Natalie says she is still upset about Redd spitting on her, putting glass in her foot and biting her arm. She says she is not scared of Redd.


You all already know how this went. Natalie goes on a rant about Redd speaking about her on the Internet and something about being on a yacht in Italy, lol. Girl who knows, I tend to tune out some of her bravado. I like Natalie, but I swear it can be a bit much sometimes.


Redd explains the fight between her and Natalie and says she did not jump her with the acknowledgement of Rocky but she did in fact jump in on their fight. She says it was because Natalie said some messed up stuff about one of their cast mates and she felt the need to handle her because of it.


Redd had no real reason to jump in on the fight Rocky was having with Natalie other than she didn’t like her, let’s just be serious. Redd acknowledges it was jacked up but she did it anyway and Natalie can do something if she feels some type of way, basically.


Natalie claims Redd is falsely telling everyone that she got her banned from the NBC/Universal Network sets because of the supposed pull Natalie had with Oxygen because of BGC. Natalie says it was Redd’s ratchet behavior that got her banned. Then Jela begins to talk mess about Redd and again I’m like, why? What did I miss? Jela and Redd were not even on the same seasons of BGC! You see its things like that which make me side eye some people. And I really liked Jela on her season, but Im’ma need it to make sense. She telling Natalie to beat Redd’s ass and I’m like, why? Is it because you and Natalie are close? Because that’s stupid.

Natalie is now yelling that Redd fought her while she was fighting Rocky which led to her getting bitten…..which Redd already acknowledged. Yeah, I would feel some type of way too. But I have progressed far enough as a grown woman, not to want to fist fight to solve problems that a grown woman conversation would solve.


Yawl, I can’t. Natalie wants to fight Redd…now why does it feel like we have gone back in time?


Natalie, a grown ass businesswoman, married with a kid and she wants to fight Redd…..this is a mess. Natalie is now yelling that Redd wants to be on season two of Baddies but it’s a “hard no”. And Jela and the guy that is accompanying them are all egging on Natalie and her mean girl behavior. So once again this is how Natalie is choosing to go out and my nerves are bad. Grow up Natalie. When you gonna do some businesswoman like behaviors ON SCREEN?! You got a full face of makeup, and your ponytail spritzed for like thirty hella long minutes to go fight a chick over some mess that happened seven or eight hella long years ago?

Please make it make sense. But we like you so we stay tuning in sis. We don’t know what you are thinking, but we stay tuning in….

Jela and the guy are recounting the altercation from long ago between Natalie and Redd where Natalie says Redd had all the space and opportunity to give her the fair one but chose to do nothing……Natalie says as the result of her fight with Redd, she had to have three surgeries to get glass out of her foot.

Damm that is messed up.

But yet you continue to want to fight. Natalie says she is from the Bay Area of Cali. Well I’m from Cali as well. I’m just from the part where I learned how to survive, and it wasn’t by getting into no unnecessary fights where I may get injured. But yet here we are, Natalie wants to fight Redd… that a Bay Area thing yawl? Drop a comment and let me know…I just think wise people pick their battles. It pays to stay humble. But apparently Natalie has excellent medical insurance because she insists, she wants to FIGHT Redd while simultaneously being upset about being spit on, injured with glass, and bitten, ha!

Once again, make it make sense. Despite my nerves being bad, I’m going to continue the recap.


Redd reenacts the fight between her and Natalie from years ago when she bit her arm…I cracked up. Redd is funny for real. She falls back on the chair and says she is tired. She picks up a red cup and takes a swig, “I’m thirsty” she says, out of breath. OMG, Redd is a character for real. I promise you I was laughing.


Natalie is screaming about the bite, and we see a close- up. She says that is three plastic surgeries and after a skin graph….yeah that’s awful. You can clearly see a bite on her arm. But yet, knowing Redd will bite, spit and use a glass to go upside your head, Natalie is down to fight and is being encouraged. Natalie says her husband even told her to beat Redd’s ass.



Redd says Natalie called her probation officer after the fight in an attempt to get her violated but couldn’t because Redd was under contract with the show…..Redd says Oxygen Network lawyers contacted her probation officer’s supervisor and that’s how she found out about Natalie’s failed attempt to get her locked up. Redd says all the help was because she is such an entertaining talent, and I can believe that. She definitely is making this episode fairly entertaining so far.

Redd says Jela is one of Natalie’s minions and that Natalie has no real friends. She wonders if Natalie is going to keep anybody around long term. Yeah, Natalie tends to blow through her friends as if she could care less about keeping them.

Redd calls Natalie “Nunn-Chin”. She says it’s her last name plus her “extendo”, meaning her big chin. Now Redd is just being childish. Her friend tells her “that’s very creative”.


Redd mentions Jela. She says she ran into her and she smoked with her and they seemed to be cool. Her friend tries to call Jela a “fan” but Redd corrects her. Redd says she would never call Jela a “fan” she refuses to act like the other Bad Girls that say things like that, for instance Natalie. She says Jela came up to her on the strength of them both being ex Bad Girls. And because of that she kicked it with her but now Jela has switched up. Her friend says it sounds like middle school bullying…Redd’s friend asks her if she thinks she and Natalie could come to an agreement and Redd says yes.

Redd says Natalie saw her at a “Pride” event in Atlanta…….


Natalie tells the story of seeing Redd at a “Pride event in Atlanta. She says she saw Redd in the crowd, and Jela interrupts and asks her, “Like a commoner?”

Sigh, Really Jela?

Natalie says, “Like a commoner”. Yeah, I don’t like that. I see why Redd corrected her friend. Natalie has this entitled attitude, and it seems like anybody she chooses to film with as a friend will give off the same airs. Why Redd gotta be a commoner?

Natalie says she was with some other Bad Girls who pointed out Redd and was laughing at her because she was in the crowd, and not with them. We don’t care but apparently Redd did, because Natalie swears Redd was pissed because she was being made fun of on social media, or some stupid story she is telling.

I’m over here wondering when the hell will they finally get to this dam conversation?! Should I just fast forward, because this is exhaustingly stupid. So Redd wants to fight you because you teased her?

Natalie wants yawl to know she has a hair salon in her house for some reason. Does anyone care?

Natalie says after all of the YouTube videos, and posts on social media she finally responded to Redd. I found a video of a Live where Natalie, Sidney Starr and Saucy Santana talk about Redd. Here it is just in case anyone feels it is relevant.

(Posted on YouTube by CatchThisLive)

Redd’s friend asks her what does she plan on getting out of the conversation tonight. Redd wants Natalie to be able to say what she needs to say to her. She doesn’t want or need an apology. She says they don’t have to be friends they can be cordial.


Jela says she met Redd once in Atlanta at a “pop up show” with her clothing line. Way to plug yourself Jela, I would hope that is why you agreed to come on this, you want to promote that you have a clothing line? Jela says she kicked it with her before finding out all of the things that occurred between Redd and Natalie. She says that once Natalie told her all the stuff about Redd, she changed her perception on Redd….

Jela….giiiiiirl! You will continue to get the side eye girl. You got way to much investment in another girl’s beef. And you say you could have been preparing for the opening of your store on Melrose…..but you got time for this?


But I like you so Im’ma just keep it moving. I could point out so many things, but like I said, I like you and genuinely hope you only agreed to appear to promote yourself….but what a way to promote.

She says Redd is low for spitting on Natalie.


Redd then reads a series of text messages that Natalie sent her, which to Redd, she feels the texts prove that Natalie is fake. When she is done, she drops the phone as if it were a mic she was dropping…..right on her home girl’s foot. Her dramatic effect was interrupted by her friend yelling “Ouch, you dropped it on my foot”. I cracked up. Redd was like, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.

Whooooooop!!!! Redd is a comedienne for real, yawl. I laughed this whole episode.


Natalie says even if Redd apologizes she can’t be on the new season of Baddies. She basically just wants to fight. Redd claims she just wants to talk she is not going left.

The next few minutes is just switching back between both women talking tough to their teams. I done wasted how many words on the tough talk? These women say they want to have a conversation, and I for one am just ready to get to it so let me just skip on down to it. I’m ready for the get down, aren’t you? Well this is what you came for right?

So let’s get to it, shall we?

The Sit Down, Sort Of……

Redd arrives downstairs to meet Natalie. Despite there being two chairs set out, facing each other, Redd remains standing. We hear a producer say calmly, “Have a seat please”. Redd says in an equally calm voice, “Naw I rather stand. We gonna talk about it but I’m good with standing up. I been sitting down all day preparing for this. I rather stand if that’s okay with you. You want to have a seat? Naw, you the one working not me.”

Redd is left to impatiently wait for Natalie to arrive. She asks, “Are we waiting because she’s an elder? Or is this because this is a part of the plan?”. Redd starts impatiently tapping her foot. Natalie has still yet to arrive. Let me just say she looks beautiful. She has on an olive colored jumpsuit that is trimmed in a sort of gold lapel thingy. It was cute, she had her little matching Covid-19 mask, and I was like, okay Redd. Her hair was really pretty too. Redd is a cute girl. She cleans up really nice. My only complaint was the shoes. But Redd, you did that!

They cut to Natalie and it’s a no for me. Redd gave us all that and in comparison, Natalie has on a tied up t-shirt, biker shorts, tennis shoes and for all the spritzing and teasing the hair dresser did to her ponytail, it is now in a poof. She didn’t even have on earrings. She looked like when a hood girl dresses up to go to the grocery store. I was annoyed. So Natalie is going to take this fighting thing all the way right. So I don’t want to hear no complaining should Redd so happen to harm her in anyway. Let me turn my T.V. down, I’m already getting prepared for the screaming…..


When Natalie sees that Redd is standing as she walks to the meeting spot, she asks the producers were they good or is it just go….Redd laughs and points to all the camera people and stage production that surrounded them. They immediately started arguing. And if you think I’m going to lay out each and every word, I’m not. They start off yelling at each other from the get go. They over talk each other with points and questions nobody acknowledges.

Redd tells Natalie she looks like she is going to Zumba.


Well, it’s true. Actually, Redd could of used Natalie’s gold tennis shoes, that would of set her outfit right off. Natalie could of worn the black fluffy house shoes…naw the shoes had to go, period. HA!

They argue about who asked for the conversation. They over talk each other with points and questions nobody acknowledges…..its tiring, I swear. Redd and Natalie both have loud voices… makes me want to tune the hell out, I promise you. But it’s a recap right? So lets press on….

They argue on and at one point Redd asks Natalie, “Didn’t you say Zeus works for you?” and she points again at production. Then they go back and forth with Natalie claiming she didn’t say that….it was starting to just sound like blah,blah,blah……

OMG, the screaming…..

It goes on and on with them coming back to which one was the one that even asked for the conversation and I was so annoyed. They were getting absolutely nowhere yet they continued to scream and over talk each other. It was pointless. Natalie tells Redd to give whoever made her outfit shout out, and she should of. Redd looked cute. Way too cute to fight, but keep reading…..

They continue to argue about who posted promotion for their conversation on their page. Natalie sits down and says “well let’s have a conversation” but Redd remains standing.

Redd starts screaming that Natalie should appreciate that she gave her a bite mark to rub on and think about when she is taking a bath,,.

Ouch, Redd got to Natalie, because she immediately starts to laugh… know the type of laugh that means you got to me but I refuse to show it. Redd tells Natalie she should be thanking her…..

Redd tells Natalie she didn’t come to fight her, but an annoyed Natalie tells her it doesn’t matter because she is going to get these hands either way… She tells Redd that she is in her city today because remember despite just telling us she is from the Bay Area she reminds us she runs L.A. Natalie stop it. How you run Atlanta, The Bay Area and L.A.? It makes no sense, lol.

A seated Natalie tells Redd repeatedly to calm down and have a seat…..Redd remains standing….and arguing too. She asks Natalie, “Didn’t you say it hurt your feeling when I called you Nunn-Chin”……yeah she is going there.

Natalie stands up, because apparently that’s her trigger. Redd asks her why she was getting up. Natalie sits back down and again tells Redd to have a seat. Redd tells Natalie to say the insults that she says about Redd on camera. Natalie refuses; instead she tells Redd how good she looks.

Lol. Petty boots…..

They continue to hurl insults back and forth and argue. Natalie continues to tell Redd to sit down. Redd continues to argue, while standing….lol.

When Redd asks Natalie about her minion upstairs, who I assume she meant Jela, Natalie again stands up. They continue to argue but now they are both standing……Natalie again sits down…..

They are arguing about the Live where Natalie was discussing Redd. Natalie accuses Redd of being mad, and when Redd ask her why would she be mad, Natalie stands up again. When Natalie sit again, Redd walks over to the piano and sings, “This bitch is crazy, she has no home training, this bitch is married, she is young minded have you grown? Eight years you still talking bitch don’t let that chin go away….”

And Natalie springs up and says “And guess what bitch you still sleeping on a whole blow up mattress…” But she ends up sitting again….. So basically the whole time Natalie is up and down like a pop up doll. Talking loud and doing absolutely nothing. Was she trying to give the fans a show? Because why not rush Redd immediately when you got on set.

How does the episode end?

When Natalie mentions that Redd bit her arm, Redd makes fun of her by chomping down and chewing as if she was biting Natalie’s arm again. This incites Natalie to spring up from the chair. Natalie walks toward Redd and Redd puts up her dukes and tells her to “run up.” They end up fighting….fist start flying and security rushes in…..Whew, I need a better look at the fight so I’m waiting for the next episode, are you?

So don’t forget to check in with me for Part 2 of this conversation……thanks for the support

What are your thoughts?

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Recap Of The Conversation: Natalie Nunn & Redd Part. 1 (2024)


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