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Google Calendar lets you easily manage your appointments, view other people's calendars and invite people to meetings and events.

You can also use Calendar to view your academic timetable.

Sign in with your University of York email address and password.

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  • Overview
  • Getting started
  • Our commitments
  • Bulk create events



All members of the University have access to Google Apps for Education.

Departmental Computing Officers can request new resource calendars- contact the IT Support.

Key features

  • View your calendar by day, week, month or agenda
  • View colleagues' calendars
  • Easily create events, and:
    • set them to repeat
    • change the privacy settings
    • create Appointment Slots for other people to book during a time window specified by you
  • Invite guests to your event, and use Find a Time to see your guests' calendars at a glace
  • Accept invitations directly from Gmail
  • Create additional calendars for your own use
  • Request shared resource calendars:
    • A calendar resource is anything you schedule that isn't an event. Examples including meeting rooms (that aren't in Planon), projectors, recreation equipment, or any other resource that the people in your organization might schedule a time to use. Resource calendar requests need to be submitted to IT Services by your Departmental Computing Officer.
  • Create a to-do list

Calendar on your phone & tablet

Our mobile devices page shows you the York facilities you can access from your phone, laptop and tablet, including a Google Calendar app:

  • Mobile devices

Help from Google

Google's help pages provide a basic introduction to Calendar's features.

Getting started

Change your Calendar settings

You can personalise your Calendar, change the language and time zone and opt to receive notifications on your mobile phone.

Clicking on the gears icon at the top right-hand corner, and select Calendar Settings.

  • Language
  • Date format: by default, this will have the US format (12/31/2011) but can be changed to UK format (31/12/2011)
  • Week start: by default, the week starts on Sunday but it can be changed to Monday
  • Time format (eg 24 hour clock)
  • Event reminders:the default is toremind you of events 10 minutes before it starts
  • Privacy settings: by default, your availability in calendar will be shown as Free/Busy - for more information see the Sharing section below
  • Notifications: choose how you'd like to be notified about new or edited events

View your academic timetable

You can add University of York timetables, including your personalised academic timetable, to your Google Calendar or mobile device through MyTimetable. Detailed instructions are provided on the MyTimetable Help page:

  • MyTimetable- Help

Share your calendar

By default, all members of the University using Google Calendar will be able to see basic Free/Busy information in your calendar.

You can set up your Calendar so that named individuals or groups can see more detailed information about the events. You can also give Edit permission for your Calendar to named individuals.

You can do this as follows:

  1. Access the Calendar settings (by clicking on the gears icon, or from the settings link under My calendarsin the left column)
  2. Click on the Shared: Edit Settings link beside your Calendar name
  3. Scroll down to the section Share with specific people. In theEnter email address box, type the email address of the individual or group.
  4. Choose the appropriate setting (eg See all event details) in the drop down list.
  5. Click on Add Person
  6. Click on Save

Google provide information on how to share and manage access to your Calendar and how to set appropriate privacy for your own calendar:

Share your Calendar

Using Google Calendar with Outlook

We strongly recommend that you use the Google web interface to view and manage your Calendar.

However, instructions for users wishing to sync with their Outlook calendar are provided by Google:

When you receive an invitation from Google Calendar in Outlook, you will see two buttons that allow you to accept the meeting - this is because Outlook recognises that the email is a Calendar event.

Clicking on the Accept button at the top of the email will only add the event to your Outlook calendar. To accept the event in Google Calendar, you should click on the Going: Yes button in the email body.

Help & troubleshooting

Help from Google

Google's help pages provide a basic introduction to Calendar's features.

Help from IT Services

Bespoke training and coaching can be organised for staff groups who require it.


If you're having problems with Google Apps, it may be because your web browser isn't up to date.

In general the Google Calendar web interface is supported by the current and prior major releases of the Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox desktop web browsers.

Mobile web browsers must meet certain minimum requirements of functionality.

Using Google's Chrome web browser gives the most complete and feature rich experience.

Further information can be found in Google's help pages onSupported Browsers.

Library & IT Help Desk

If you're having problemsusing Google Calendar, get intouch with theIT Support.

Our commitments

Service statusLive and supported service.
Hours of service24/7
Service supportFor help and support with this service, contact the IT Support.
Hours of supportHelp from theLibrary & IT Help Desk is available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Fault managementAs part of the Google Apps for Education suite this service is entirely owned and managed by Google, who will monitor for, identify and fix all faults.
Service Level AgreementGoogle Apps Service Level Agreement
Our performance

Ourservice standards have been produced in consultation with our customers, and monitor the quality, timeliness and access to facilities and services:

  • Information Services Service Standards

Complaints procedure

If you wish to give us general feedback on this service, please see our Feedback page for ways to get in touch.

If you wish to make a complaint, please see our complaints procedure.

Bulk create events

The Digital Inclusion, Skills and Creativity (DISC) team in Library and Archives have developed a tool for bulk creating Google Calendar events with optional Google Meet or Zoom video conferencing. These events can be created in your own calendar or another calendar for which you have sufficient permissions to manage.

This means you can create multiple events in one go - by adding the event details to each row in the Google Sheet. At the end of the process you will be provided with a link to the new Google Calendar event and it will also display in the calendar just like any other.

For further information and access to the tool click here.

IT Services, University of York (2024)


How long does it take for York University to respond? ›

The selection process

We will ask you to take part in an interview; this may be in person, by telephone, or by video conference. We aim to respond to applications within six weeks of submission, normally sooner. For some courses and at busy times, you might have to wait longer for a response.

Does York give unconditional offers? ›

You'll receive one of three decisions: conditional - you still need to meet some or all of the conditions of your offer. unconditional - you've got a place, although there might still be some things to arrange or documents to provide.

How long does York take to process applications? ›

The Student Recruitment & Admissions Office, York University, sends official communication about application and admission via email. It is important that you open, read and take action (if required) upon receipt of an email. It may take 4-6 weeks to process your application.

How do I reset my University of York password? ›

To reset your password: Go to Enter your University of York username and select Forgot password? Reset your password by answering the security questions that you set up when you registered your account.

Is it hard to get accepted into York University? ›

Although York University does not publish an official acceptance rate, the enrollment numbers that are available to us suggest that it is one of Canada's most selective schools. The university's overall acceptance rate is estimated to be 27%, but the undergraduate acceptance rate is estimated to be much higher at 89%.

Does York have a high acceptance rate? ›

The acceptance rate at York University is 60%.

For every 100 applicants, 60 are admitted. This means the school is moderately selective. The school expects you to meet their requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores, but they're more flexible than other schools.

How long does it take to hear back from York College? ›

Application Process

Notification of applications status is sent out approximately 8 weeks past the deadline date. Accepted students get notification of orientation dates. Accepted students start in the following Fall semester of application submission.

How do you know if you got accepted into York University? ›

Log in to MyFile to view the status of your application and to accept your offer of admission to York University. If you applied to York University through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC), you will be prompted to use your OUAC reference number to log in to your OUAC application and accept your offer.

How long does it take to get a reply after applying? ›

In fact, during a job search, people report a wide range of experiences: 44% hear from employers within a couple of weeks of applying. 37% hear back within one week. Only 4% hear back within one day.

What is York University password policy? ›

When will I need to change my password? If you're a new member of staff, the date you first have to change your password is randomly set to be between two months and 12 months after your registration date. After this, you'll need to change your password every 12 months.

How do I reset my York email password? ›

If you have forgotten your password, and have set up security questions, visit York Identity Manager (IDM), enter your username, click on Forgot your password? and follow the instructions.

How do I reset my CUNY password? ›

  1. CUNYfirst Managing Your Account: ...
  2. Page 1 of 2.
  3. Step. ...
  4. Enter in your browser's address bar.
  5. Click on Forgot your password? ...
  6. Enter your User ID (CUNYfirst username) or EMPLID. ...
  7. Answer the following challenge questions. Answers are not case sensitive. ...
  8. Enter your selected password twice.

How long does it take to hear back from New York University? ›

NYU Admissions: Early Decision vs.

You'll then hear back by December 15. For Early Decision II, your NYU admissions deadline is January 1, and NYU admissions will release decisions on February 15. Finally, the Regular Decision deadline is January 5, with decisions coming out on April 1.

How long does it take to hear back from a University after applying? ›

The Basics

The date by which you apply will vary by your application plan. If you apply under an earlier plan like Early Decision or Early Action, you'll probably get your decision earlier, too. But in general, it usually takes admissions offices 1-2 months to return your admissions decision.


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