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How can OLOID’s passwordless authentication platform enable the day in the life of deskless workers? (2)

How can OLOID’s passwordless authentication platform enable the day in the life of deskless workers? (3)


The CISOs and CIOs face the monumental task of safeguarding their companies against a myriad of threats while simultaneously enhancing operational efficiency. Among their top priorities are reducing the risk of insider threats, whether intentional or unintentional, boosting workforce efficiency and productivity, and curbing theft—all while managing to reduce costs and improve profitability. This is no small feat, especially in environments where the majority of the workforce is deskless.

For companies with deskless or frontline workers, the challenges are particularly pronounced. These employees often operate under unique conditions that can lead to inefficiencies in their interaction with technology and create cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Traditional authentication methods can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to security breaches, particularly in industries where employees are not issued mobile devices or allowed to bring their own.

OLOID addresses these critical challenges with its innovative passwordless and usernameless authentication platform. By simplifying the authentication process for the deskless workforce, OLOID not only enhances security—both physical and cyber—but also streamlines operations, leading to significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. This advanced platform is designed to meet the specific needs of a deskless workforce, providing a robust solution to the complex problems faced by modern enterprises.

Integrates with Single Sign-On Systems

OLOID integrates seamlessly with SSO systems, allowing users to authenticate their identity once and then access multiple applications and systems without needing to re-enter their credentials. It provides frictionless authentication with factors suited to deskless workers, who do not carry or are not allowed to bring their mobile phones past their lockers.

OLOID can provision device users from existing SSO systems, like Okta Automatic SSO, and works with existing MDMs (Mobile Device Management) like VMware Workspace ONE. OLOID’s app dashboard can also be used as a launcher where no MDM system is deployed.

Additionally,OLOID’s Self-Service Password Resetenables frontline employees to reset passwords using their face, access card, or PIN-based authentication, with no email, phone, or pre-setup needed. Its easy, no-skill-required password reset and fast account recovery with minimal downtime can quickly deliver ROI by greatly reducing IT support costs.

Employee Onboarding

OLOID uses automated user onboarding, including quick setup and photo sync with existing identity systems, and automated and optimized activation of physical and cyber access, for quick deployment. In a high staff turnover environment, even small improvements in onboarding efficiency quickly add up to significant cost savings.

Passwordless Login on Shared devices

Employees can access workplace apps such as PACS, HRMS (Human Resources Management System), IT, etc., via secure,passwordless authentication for frequent logins per day to shared devices and accounts. OLOID works across devices and operating systems, including Windows, Apple, Android, and Zebra, even in environments with limited or no internet connectivity. OLOID eliminates the need to remember complex usernames and passwords and bypasses language barriers, especially in environments with a workforce that is predominantly not college educated and for whom English is not their primary language.

IT helpdesk staff do not have to spend excessive time resetting passwords, reclaiming profitable time that employees can spend on the production line instead of waiting for password resets.

OLOID can dramatically improve cybersecurity posture by eliminating data breaches caused by password sharing and compromise. OLOID restores MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) into the process, providing accountability for who is accessing what and when, even on devices being shared by many people across shifts, all using shared passwords.

Workers do not need to remove gloves from their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to type in passwords or struggle to type passwords while wearing gloves. This becomes a crucial factor in food and beverage manufacturing companies. OLOID’s touchless system reduces the risk of spreading pathogens that lead to food-borne illnesses and costly product recalls.

Multi-Factor Authentication

OLOID includesMFAand compliance for critical apps, providing enhanced security for high-risk applications, compliance environments, and regulated industries. It allows for multiple MFA methods such as face, palm, badge, NFC, PIN, or other physical identity factors, and eliminates the need for mobile phones or physical security keys. It also tracks individual user activity even within shared accounts and helps generate automated reports.

OLOID’s MFA uses physical identity factors to provide more secure authentication than SMS, more convenient than authenticator apps, and more practical than hardware keys. It enables deviceless MFA in environments where mobile phones or hardware keys are not an option, provides hassle-free MFA compliance for the frontline workforce, and even works in offline mode for device logins.

Learn more about OLOID's MFA solution!

Physical Access

Once a deskless worker is onboarded, oriented, trained, and working, they enjoy daily physical access using Cloud Key, a cloud-based solution that integrates with their existing Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) without requiring additional hardware infrastructure investment. It enables easy access to all of the company’s connected doors, turnstiles, elevators, etc.

Cloud Key supports API-level integration and an on-prem gateway application that enables direct integration with their existing systems and offers seamless access and remote unlocking without any added hardware expenses.

It provides various app and web-based access modes, including app-based mobile access, web-based one-time URL, QR (Quick-Response) code-based authentication, and chatbot-powered authorization rights for long-term employees, short-term contractors, and vendors, as well as temporary credentials for visitors, leading to additional manpower, time, and money savings.

Time Clock

Clocking in and out on-site and at various workstations has been dramatically improved with OLOID Time Clock, an accurate and secure time clock for employees that provides a common unified identity for time and attendance systems and uses Face, Access Card, QR Code & NFC (Near Field Communication) Sticker and Band for employee authentication.

The OLOID Time Clock is highly accurate with ~0% false positives, using facial recognition biometric data for contactless authentication modes. It captures identities accurately in all light conditions and, with liveness detection, it cannot be spoofed with pictures or video playback.

A software-based product that integrates seamlessly with existing time and attendance, payroll, and other HRIS systems, OLOID Time Clock works with off-the-shelf iPads that connect to the ethernet and get activated in minutes, requiring no custom hardware, saving thousands of dollars during implementation. Once running, there’s no need for regular maintenance and installation support, resulting in additional TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings. For added flexibility, the system is portable, compatible with rf IDEAS WAVE ID® badge readers, uses a unique QR Code for each user with temporary access rights, allows for simple and cost-effective integration with most PACS, and works even in offline mode in case of internet or power outages.

It eliminates buddy clocking and time theft, greatly reducing inaccurate payroll and resulting in reduced annual costs.

The solution reduces congestion during shift changes by authenticating each worker in half a second or less. This significantly reduces wait times and long queues, preventing costs associated with overtime payments for non-productive time.


OLOID makes offboarding employees easier, as it supports high attrition environments by automating the disabling of access for offboarded identities. Not only does this significantly reduce IT staff administrative costs, but it also measurably improves physical and cybersecurity posture.


If you want to address similar challenges facing your organization’s deskless frontline workers, and you’d like to explore how OLOID Passwordless Authentication, Cloud Key, and Time Clock solutions can benefit your organization, contact us to speak with a specialist. Discover how, like Tyson Foods and many other companies across diverse industries, we can help you.

Learn about Tyson Foods' success story. Download now!


Last updated on - July 5, 2024

How can OLOID’s passwordless authentication platform enable the day in the life of deskless workers? (4)


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How can OLOID’s passwordless authentication platform enable the day in the life of deskless workers? (2024)


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