Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2024 (2024)

Disney Princesses and Barbie go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, even though today's Disney Princess dolls look like Barbies and are made by Mattel, the same experienced toymakers who make Barbie dolls, they are not one and the same. That said, there are some terrific Disney Princess dolls that look a lot like they share Barbie's DNA available right now and certainly won't look out of place in your Barbie collection.

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If you want to grow your doll collection with some Barbie-style Disney Princesses, just want to pick up one or two of your favorite Disney characters, or you're looking for a gift for the Disney fan in your life, there are a lot of options. We've attempted to narrow down those options slightly by going through all of Mattel's Disney Princess dolls and gathering them together for you to peruse, hopefully including something for everyone below.

Best Disney Princess Barbie Dolls

Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2024 (9)
Ariel Swimming Mermaid Doll

Under The Sea

Based on Ariel's design from the original animated version of Disney's The Little Mermaid, Mattel's Barbie-like doll can even swim and her hair changes color when it gets wet.


  • Incredibly similar to the on-screen character
  • Accessories included
  • Swims and appearance changes when in water


  • Live-action Ariel version not available

$23 at Mattel$23 at Amazon

I don't know about you, but there was something about getting a toy that did stuff when in water that really appealed to me as a kid. Maybe it was the insistence that 99 percent of everything else I played with should be kept bone dry at all costs. When this Ariel doll is in water, you can squeeze her hips to make her tail move and watch her swim. The color of Ariel's hair will also change color when wet, presumably just the purple streak, and she also comes with an attachable seahorse to join her on an underwater journey.

Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2024 (10)
Disney Princess Singing Moana Doll

You're Welcome!

Moana has one of the best Disney soundtracks of the modern era, so the only thing that makes a Disney Princess doll modeled after her better is one that sings a song from the movie in which she's the lead.


  • Sings a classic Disney song
  • Heavily reduced right now


  • Doesn't sing the best song from the movie

Moana very quickly, and quite rightly went down as a Disney Classic as soon as it hit cinemas. There are quite a few reasons for that, and its soundtrack is definitely one of them. Disney movies of old are known for having some of the most iconic soundtracks in cinema, so anything from the modern era that stands with them is always going to be celebrated. If you're sick of having to wait for times you can listen to Spotify without being interrupted, this doll is the answer. A Moana that sings How Far I'll Go on command without the need to wrestle your phone back from your kids.

Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2024 (11)
Belle's Teatime Cart Doll And Playset

Off To The Cupboard With You Now, Chip

Belle might well be the character that springs to mind for most people when they hear the term Disney Princess. Not only does that make this a great doll, but its playset includes other characters from Beauty and the Beast.


  • Possibly the most recognizable Disney Princess
  • Playset includes other characters from Beauty and the Beast


  • I'm yet to see the teapot come to life and ask me to be her guest

$19 at Mattel$19 at Amazon

While she certainly wasn't the original Disney Princess, Belle might well be the princess who springs to mind when a lot of people in a certain age group think of Disney. Locked away with a beast for most of the film, it wasn't all bad for Belle. The princess was able to make friends with some household objects come to life, and a few of them are included in this playset. Not quite enough to recreate the routine from Be Our Guest, but if you've got some other stuff around the house that can fill in for what's missing, it's certainly possible.

Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2024 (12)
Disney Frozen Singing Elsa Doll

Let It Go!

Elsa has become as instantly recognizable as any other Disney Princess in history. That's why this Mattel doll, that sings a clip from a hit song from Frozen, will go down a storm with anyone you buy it for, even if that anyone is yourself.


  • The best-known Disney Princess of the modern era
  • Singing the best-known Disney song of the modern era


  • Umm, where's Olaf?

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White might have had the Disney Princess game locked down for decades, but in 2023, the newest generation of Disney fans has hitched their wagon to an entirely new generation of Princesses. Leading the charge is Elsa, the lead character in the hit movie Frozen, and then the even bigger hit movie Frozen 2, the only animated flick The Super Mario Bros. Movie was unable to overtake at the box office.

Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2024 (13)
Pocahontas Fashion Doll

Just Around The Riverbend

Another doll that's a part of Mattel's Disney Princess fashion collection, and also another cheaper option among the ones featured here. Best of all, a reminder of just how good Pocahontas is, another Disney classic from the 1990s.


  • Another cheaper option
  • Part of Mattel's wider Disney Princess fashion doll collection


  • Cheaper means fewer accessories included

Disney was really cooking in the 1990s, especially when it comes to creating Disney Princesses that would stand the rest of time. Joining Mulan and Belle during that jam-packed decade was Pocahontas. Much like Mulan, Pocahontas veered away from the stereotypical Disney Princess narrative that had revolved around damsels in distress being rescued by their Prince Charming, usually from a castle. Still classics, but this doll is a reminder that 25 years ago, Disney shook things up a little.

Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2024 (14)
Cinderella Doll With Horse

No Need For A Prince Charming

This new Disney Princess Cinderella doll doesn't come alone. She's riding a horse which instantly puts her head and shoulders above all the other options, literally. Figuratively too if you like horses and who doesn't?


  • Comes with a horse
  • Horse doesn't turn into a pumpkin


  • May make your other dolls jealous

$34 at Mattel$34 at Amazon

Cinderella might well be the stereotypical Disney Princess. Yes, I know I sort of said the same thing about Belle, but that's just for '90s kids. Cinderella is the image that appears in most Disney fans' minds regardless of age. It's also one of the most well-known stories in Disney history. The glass slipper, Prince Charming, the carriage turning into a pumpkin if she's not home by midnight. A classic Disney fairytale, and now you can re-enact it with a Cinderella doll that comes with its very own horse.

Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2024 (15)
Disney Princess Singing Rapunzel Doll

Long Hair, Tall Tower, You Know The One

Disney provided its own spin on the Rapunzel fairytale through its animated classic, Tangled. This Disney Princess doll is based on the Rapunzel from that movie and even sings a snippet of Where Will My Life Begin? when you press the bow on her chest.


  • Sings when you press her bow
  • Part of a larger singing Disney Princess collection


  • A little pricey for a doll with no accessories

$23 at Mattel$23 at Amazon

A lot of Disney movies, especially the Disney Princess ones, are based on fairytales. One of the most famous fairytales Disney has ever pulled from is Rapunzel. Labeling its own take on the classic story Tangled, this Mattel doll is based on the lead character from Disney's Rapunzel-based tale. Another doll that sings a song from her movie, if you were to collect Moana and all of the other singing Disney Princess dolls, you may well be able to stage your very own Disney musical.

Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2024 (16)
Snow White Fashion Doll

Where's Grumpy?

Snow White, the original Disney Princess, as a fashion doll, part of Mattel's wider collection. Modeled after the original design for the almost 100-year-old princess, the doll also comes with a couple of accessories.


  • The original Disney Princess
  • Looks just like the original Snow White from the 1937 film
  • Low price at Mattel and Amazon


  • Seven dwarves not included

The history of Disney princesses goes back a long, long way. So long that we're approaching the 100-year anniversary of the very first Disney princess, Snow White. Hitting cinemas in the late 1930s, it's a testament to just how big of an impact Snow White left on the cinema industry that the movie is still watched today, and that every Disney Princess to have come since has followed in her footsteps. That's why no collection of this ilk would be complete without her.


When Did Mattel Lose Its Disney Princess License?

Mattel lost the right to make Disney Princess dolls to toymaking rival Hasbro in 2016. However, the rights switch was short-lived as Mattel got the license back and was able to start producing and selling dolls again six years later.

Does Mattel Make Disney Princess Barbie Dolls?

Mattel, the creators of Barbie, makes Disney Princess dolls. However, the Disney dolls aren't technically Barbies, even though their designs are incredibly similar since they are made by the same company.

Is Rapunzel A Disney Princess Or A Barbie Doll?

Rapunzel has the unique honor of being both a Barbie and a Disney Princess. Barbie played Rapunzel in an animated movie in 2002, however, Disney has released Tangled since, a film in which their own version of Rapunzel is the lead character.

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Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2024 (2024)


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